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Due to the nature of a Provider’s work, there may occasionally be instances where a provider is directly – or indirectly – responsible for accidental damage to property.

Maid in the UK is only liable to reimburse for damages of up to £100.

Reporting damage

In the event of damage, this must be reported to Maid in the UK within 72 hours  of the clean finishing. This will open an official damage case, and further information and photographs will be requested.

Damage cases can initially be reported via telephone, social media or email. Please note that the follow-up communication will be moved to email for clarity, and to ensure a written record of communication. Once the report has been acknowledged by management of Maid in the UK, the arrival of a decision will be occur within 7 days excluding Sunday when the agency is closed and also the yearly closure of the agency between 21st December and 4th January.

Within 48 hours  of the initial report, Maid in the UK must be provided with the full information requested. Without this further information, Maid in the UK may be limited in their ability to investigate and the form of compensation that can be offered.

Please note, your provider would not be deemed responsible for any damage due to faulty goods, ‘wear & tear’, or as a result of reasonable use of equipment/products.

Compensating damage

In order to verify the purchase of a damaged item, a receipt or bank/card statement will need to be provided in some instances, and this would form the first steps in assessing compensation.

When determining fair compensation, Maid in the UK will consider depreciation and wear and tear into the offer of compensation. Industry benchmarks will advise these depreciation rates, and some examples of these are as follows:

  • Electronics, 20% annual depreciation of value
  • Clothing/garments, 33% annual depreciation of value

Maid in the UK offers all compensation in terms of non-refundable credit. £100 in credit is the maximum we can award.

Maid in the UK will consider many solutions, such as repairing the item or offering to reimburse the client of any amount up to £100. Maid in the UK also reserves the right to close the case within 72 hours if the first solution was successful and the client fails to report their disapproval. Maid in the UK reserve the right to make an insurance claim on behalf of the client, if there is no suitable solution. Please note, the client will be liable to pay an excess of £250. Please See Terms and Conditions .

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